Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Greens

We have something always growing where we live since we have our cold days then our warm days. So back and forth even our deciduous trees keep most of their leaves through the winter here. Feverfew and parsley are doing wonderful right now I am sure when it really heats up they will grow profusely.
Last night I picked a little parsley and some chickweed, which for a weed that most try to eradicate is quite delish! I chopped them up with a little onion, local grown blue oyster mushrooms, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, homegrown eggs, and homemade cheese and made a lovely fritatta for dinner.

The mushrooms are from a farm near where I work and they bring a lb of mushrooms in for my bosses who split it with me. They are so pretty and quite tasty. We just started selling them at the store.

That white jar thing is a butter bell, since we use butter and butter is hard out of the fridge this helps with that. The butter sits in a cup in the lid that is then place upside down in the base which has water in it. The water prevents bacteria etc from getting to the butter and you can leave it on the counter and have soft spreadable butter anytime you want.


  1. Dear Erika,

    Mmm, mushrooms and greens! I've seen the blue oyster spawn in mushroom catalogs, and have been tempted to start growing my own, they're so pretty.

    It looks like you have no shortage of eggs, too, which is great!



  2. Look at those pretty eggs! I am excited to get my flock up and going in the next month or so :)