Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I grew up on the beach in Florida I was always in the sun, sand, etc etc. Living where we live now we are about an hour from the beach a beach that isn't nearly as lovely as as the ones I grew up on. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them.


If anyone watched coverage for any hurricane coming to the Miss gulf coast you will probably see pictures of Bay St Louis, this gulfside city was devastated by Katrina but is slowly rebuilding. My mom lives about 10 minutes from the beach so we grab her dog and mine and have a good time soaking up the sun. This stretch of road used to have big lovely homes all along it most have not been rebuilt the road has and the piers that once went into the water are just memories.

We went fishing one afternoon with my parents my stepdad is addicted to fishing my mom too I guess. But on this day Wyatt was the only one to catch anything.

Another day we were at the beach for 4H and this little sailboat reminded me of summers sailing or boating with my dad in Florida and Cape Cod. I grew up around the water and love it sometimes the smell of the ocean breeze brings back such strong memories.

What scent brings back memories for you?

Monday, August 12, 2013



We sold most of our sellable timber recently, the dogs love running around back there now all the new smells under the piles of brush.

We're hoping to have a dozer come in soon and clean up some more and then in the near future fence and cross fence for pastures.

Speck was sniffing out a good smell in this big pile.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Have you noticed that the word home always brings comfort. I think it should mean comfort, safe, love home is different for everyone and while I was walking the other morning I found a couple of homes for little creatures and it reminded me of how important home can be.

This home is vacant right now but should be filled again soon now that the big equipment is gone.

I hope your home is a safe and loving place and is filled with laughter and joy by all those who live there.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ahhhhh Catnip

This is Demon, I know I know the name, well our then 17 year old daughter came up with it. She did want to name him Endarkened....no she isn't into Goth or anything Satanic he was just a very fiesty, mean, cat when he arrived at our house one spring day. he fought with everything then one day Ashley got to pet him and he has been a lovely cat ever since. But the name stayed.
I have to keep an old rabbit cage over the catnip to keep it alive this year it outgrew the cage and the cats were able to enjoy more than they did last summer. It is fun to see who gets snagged as they walk by and they get a wiff of it alluring aroma.
Our inside cats ignor it but the barn cats love it, they aren't the only ones, hubby likes to drink an herbal infusion of catnip and passionflower to help him sleep.
What's your favorite ourdoor plant?


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To be a butterfly or a flutterby...

I love butterflys and this time of year the big ones are out fluttering about. This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, at least that is what my book says, was loving the big blossums on this plant. The name escapes me right now though my mom gave in to me a couple of years ago and it has take over the compost.

This little Five-lined Skink was sunny himself, we have lots of these and they usually make me jump when I see them out of the corner of my eye, they remind me of snakes the way the scurry off.

This bee was enjoying the flowers as well. We had someone come in a cut about 6 acres of timber and he turned up several yellow jacket nests and one bee nest. I am hoping the bee nest is ok the others can go.

This little butterfly was a bright yellow till it landed in the grass and then its wings were a lovely green on the outside and yellow on the inside. I'm not sure what he is but he was cute.

And one of our trumpet flowers blooming they look so pretty in the early morning and then the heat of the day wilts them. My mom brought me a apricot colored one but it hasn't bloomed yet.
I love living in the country.
What do you love about where you live?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why the Barn Chronicles?

Ok, my life as I know it now revolves around the barn with goats, milking goats, cleaning up after goats, etc etc. So I thought since most of my thinking goes on in the quiet of the barn while I'm cleaning stalls or milking, or bottle feeding calves, or etc etc that I would change the name of the blog to coincide with what my life is now.
I'm not complaining I am really enjoying it of course young cow manure on the bottom of your shoe is slippery and not my most favorite. Or a dominate doe who thinks that going in her stall is not what she is going to do at the moment you want her to can be annoying or our favorite when they put their foot in a full container of milk (1/2 gallon) when your almost done milking.
But we get about 3 gallons a day, they are all well mannered most of the time, all have fun and unique personalities and are just fun to have.
These are the girls well there is a very small buck in there that all the big ones pick on and a wether (a castrated male)

We have been cutting trees for them to eat since we want to open up the area for grass to grow so why not cut one down every now and then for them to eat. The mower was out today mowing the side of the road and out mail lady in the jeep.

Our bucks, the one closer is Max he is such a sweetie he is handled a lot because he foundered when he was young and we give him supplements in his feed to keep his system balanced to acidic causes inflammation and lots of pain in his feet. We also every 15 days grind his feet with a grinder to keep his very fast growing hooves trimmed nice and flat and easier for him to walk and run around on. He isn't hindered by it at all because his previous owner and us have kept on top of it he is a fully functioning buck.
The one behind is Tupelo, he is a hoot, he bellows like an elk in rut right now since rutting season just started a week or so ago. Andy and Wyatt are the only ones who go into their yard with them right now in about Nov they will go back to normal big dog sweetness and won't be so rambunctious.

See the little guy? He is just pushed around all over but he holds his own. He is almost 8 months old and thinks he king of the hill.In front is Chloe, then Sara, Val, and in the back Silk. The small ones are Ashley's little girls and then the black and while spotted is Orion the wether he jumps over the stall walls hes a good jumper.

And remember the little horse that rode in the back of my car here is, Napoleon or Stinker. We need a sign pet at your own risk...He bites. Ashley is 5'51/2" and he is 28 inches. He thinks he's a draft horse though.

We saw today that he hurt his eye so something else to watch, one of the calves is getting over pneumonia sitting out in the humidity in the rain and then the sun comes out seems to be the right conditions this time of year.

Memphis March 8-9 2013

One of the things we did after I last blogged was go to a women's conference in Memphis. It is about 4 1/2 hours from our house and we went with a couple of friends. Ashley and I had fun on our little road trip and the boys lived with us gone. What we went to was Time Out for Women which is sponsered by Deseret Books they have 2 days of unlifting speakers and music.
Of course while we were there we had to see Graceland we didn't tour it since the cost was ridiculous but there were lines to go see it so there are some who will spend it.

We rode on a trolley and ate dinner on Beale St, there were street performers, great music, and good food all along the street. They say it is Memphis' Bourbon Street but there was not one mud wrestling or gay club on it like Bourbon street which is New Orleans.

I loved this sign since this is my birth date.

Here we are heading back to the convention center for the 1st night of inspiration. I think it is nice to get away from it all sometimes with friends even for an afternoon. I don't have to many close friends I am guarded that way but the ones I have always remind me of what's important and see me for who I am there's no facade just good friends.
The week before this trip a friend's husband passed away after a very short but hard battle with cancer. I sat with her in the hospital all day the day before he died and I tried to be there for her the best I knew how. We sat and watched him struggle but while we were there we laughed, cried, worried, sometimes sat in silence. All she needed was a friend to be there not tell her all was going to be OK but to just be there.
True friendship is not trying to impress, outsmart, or make you feel bad about yourself but will lift you up and make you laugh through it all. Doesn't care if your house is a mess or you are poor or rich but will be there when everyone else has walked away.
I hope you have friendships in your life that lift you up, are there when you need them, and see you for who you are and are OK with it. :0)